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Symbiote - Vain

I decided to play around with Heromachine and created my own symbiote.

This symbiotic creature was birthed from when Carnage bonded with black matter from another dimension. To survive, this symbiotic creature has to bond with a new host daily, or it could die, thus being the result from bonding with the black matter. This symbiotic creature also absorbs the personalities and memories of each person it bonds with, which can carry on to the next host; therefore, making it more psychotic and dangerous. When bonded to a person, this symbiotic creature has super strength, agility, stamina, reflexes, speed, endurance, sonic scream, razor sharp claws, limited shape-shifting, ability to wall-climb, super sense (similar to what Spiderman has but stronger and immune to spider sense), can use tendrils as razor sharp whips and grappling, organic webbing, regenerative healing and can regenerate from a single cell and it can also turn the texture of its body into either poison or acid and when in acid form, its immune to fire. If that's not enough, this symbiote can control other symbiotes. It can grow even stronger as it absorbs other symbiotes and by doing that, it can stay bonded to a host longer. This symbiote's ideal host is anyone with a strong regenerative healing factor, which would allow that symbiote to stay bonded to that host for as long as it wants. Its only known weakness is water (which slows it down and is like acid to it) and to an extent, even fire (which just slows it down drastically) and long separation from a host could also kill it. The name I decided to give to this symbiote is, "Vain.”… is what I used to create this character 



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Adam M. Snow
Artist | Professional | Literature
United States
"What inspires me is what inspires most poets; my heart, my feelings, and the dreams I dream." –Me

"I have no control over what I write. The words just comes to me, I just put it to paper." –Me

"God has not forsaken the people; the people have forsaken God." –Me

"Life is like a caged bird, who sings only to pleases but dreams only to be free." –Me

"Life is too short for grudges, it's also too short for love; but I'd rather live a short life of love then a life of grudges." –Me

"Judge not the flesh of man, but the soul of man alone." –Me

"One can't based love by appearance, for it be but false love; but if one based love from the feelings of the heart, then it be true." –Me

"By judging others, you judge yourself." –Me

"Believe not the lies of man, but the truth of the one true living God, spoken unto man." –Me

"Trust is an important part of a relationship and without trust there is no love and without love there is no relationship. Trust is what keeps relationships alive and without trust there's only hate" –Me

"A man who put himself before others, is but a disaster waiting to happen. But a man who put others before him, is a man who's willing to sacrifice all." –Me

"Even a broken life can become whole." –Me

"Sometimes it's best to stop looking with our eyes and start looking with our hearts." –Me

"Learn from your problems like you learn from your mistakes." –Me

"This world is but a temporary home, our life is the path, the road to our home, but it takes the right path to get there and it takes going down some hard roads to make it home." –Me

"One is never alone for the Lord is always there." –Me

"Sometimes, the best way for one to be found is to stay lost." –Me

"A wish is but a goal in life." –Me

"To know yourself is to know your heart, to know your heart is to seek your dream." –Me

"Life is fragile like a child's dream." –Me

"To win a fight one must know the enemy, to win a war one must become the enemy." –Me

"One cannot predict the future, only God has the power to." –Me

"You never learn anything unless you try." –Me

"It's always easy to hate yet so hard to forgive but, it takes love to overcome hate and it takes love to make it easy to forgive; love is a powerful thing yet it's also fragile but with God, love is unbreakable." –Me

"We are broken up, scattered like an unfinished puzzle and the only pieces that are missing are honor, loyalty, friendship, trust, and most important love. Without these the puzzle will never be one." –Me

"Drama always follows those who are hurting." –Me

My name is Adam M. Snow, though you may call me Snow. I was born May 30 of 1988 in Phoenix, Arizona. I graduated high school in 2006 from Tolleson Union High School. I started writing poetry in 2003 though I originally started writing short stories. It was Edgar Allen Poe's poem the Raven that had inspired me to write poetry in the first place. I have written so many ever since. I write mostly metaphorical scarce rhyme yet I do also write other styles as well. I lost my dad to cancer on December 9th of 2009. Some of my poems that I have written I wrote for him. I am a Christian though I have been a Christian my whole life. I enjoy cooking though I like creating my own dishes all the time. I also enjoy watching anime, playing video games, and even reading comic books. I listen to all types of music even classical and opera but not rap. One thing I truly love is staring at the stars at night.

You can find me on

Favourite genre of music: everything except rap
Favourite photographer: Me
Favourite cartoon character: Anime
Personal Quote: "Death and poverty love me so much they brought friends." Vash the Stampede
If you have a Facebook and is a fan of my writings, would you consider on showing me support by liking my official poetry page?
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  • Listening to: Nightwish
  • Reading: Manga
  • Watching: Anime
  • Playing: Xbox
  • Eating: Beef Jurky
  • Drinking: Pepsi



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